If you have a feeling that you’ve contracted an STD such as gonorrhea, it may not be a wise move to play the doctor and diagnose yourself. Luckily, you don’t have to go to a doctor either to get the confirmation that you need. With a gonorrhea home test kit, you can find out whether or not you have gonorrhea at the comfort of your home.

Why You Need To the Home Testing Kit

News about the increasing spread of gonorrhea should prompt you to take the test. It is essential, particularly, if you are sexually active. Knowing your status will not only help you get proper treatment but will also go a long way in helping you avoid spreading the disease.

By and large, gonorrhea is an STD that should be treated right way considering that it has some serious complications. Nonetheless, it can be treated using antibiotics and other medications.

How Frequently Should You Get Tested?

The recommended testing frequency depends on your lifestyle. Generally, the optimum frequency for a sexually active adult should be 3-6 months and at least once a year. As a guide, you should get tested if any or all of the following aspects are true:

• You have had unprotected sex

• You have never tested for STDs

• You have had sex with the last 3-6 months

• You want to start a new sexual relationship

• You believe you might have been exposed to the disease.

Besides, if you test positive, it is recommended that you re-test in 21-28 days after you’ve completed treatment to ensure that infection has cleared. If you don’t do a re-test to ascertain whether or not the treatment was successful, you risk infecting your partner and re-infecting yourself.

Should You Test With Your Partner?

Sure! With the convenience of most gonorrhea home test kits, you now have the liberty to take the test with your partner. So, go ahead and order a kit for your partner and take your love to the next level. You only need to remember that each person may require their own test kits, so if you want to get a home test kit for your partner, consider sending them a gift card.

What Happens When You Test Positive?

Well, if you test positive for gonorrhea, you shouldn’t panic. As aforementioned, the STD is curable. So, once you are aware of the problem, you should begin looking for a solution. Detecting the condition early means that you have more options and opportunity to minimize damage to your health as well as that of your partner’s. Visit your primary care physician or any licensed professional so that you can discuss the next steps. Strive not to engage in further sexual activities until your health care professional confirms to you that it is safe to proceed.

Is there a possibility of getting false positive results?

Although most gonorrhea home test kits are up to 99.9 percent accurate, there are certain cases when they give false positive results. However, should you get positive results, endeavor to contact your primary care provider or a licensed health care professional to schedule an appointment and treatment.

How Should You Treat A Negative Result?

Well, a negative result is an indicator that you don’t have the STD. However, you should note that every disease has a window period within which its presence may not be detected. While you may sometimes test negative in the early phase of this period, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will not test positive in the later dates or phases. This is why taking frequent and regular testing is highly recommended. The estimated window period is 2 days up to around 3 weeks.

Final Thoughts

Considering that some types of gonorrhea such as oral gonorrhea often go undetected because they have no symptoms, most people don’t know whether or not they contracted the infection. It is, therefore, critical that you take proper measures to protect yourself, and one of the most recommended steps to take if you suspect that you have gonorrhea is to opt for a home test kit. It offers super fast delivery, reliable results, and saves you money and time as well as awkward questions from your doctor.